Job titleLocation (City)Date
Cybersecurity & Privacy Core Security ManagerSt. Louis, MO11/17/2014
Cybersecurity & Privacy Core Senior AssociateSt. Louis, MO11/12/2014
PeopleSoft Financials Healthcare Senior Associate ConsultantSt. Louis, MO11/03/2014
Utilities Customer Effectiveness ManagerSt. Louis, MO10/23/2014
Oracle Cloud Finance Functional Senior AssociateSt. Louis, MO10/23/2014
Oracle Primavera Senior AssociateSt. Louis, MO10/22/2014
Infor Lawson HCM Managing ConsultantSt. Louis, MO10/03/2014
Advisory Alliances Oracle Channel Development DirectorSt. Louis, MO09/06/2014
Oracle CC&B Utilities Solutions Architect ManagerSt. Louis, MO08/28/2014
Public Sector Management Consulting Supply Chain Experienced AssociateSt. Louis, MO07/29/2014
Cybersecurity and Privacy Core Security ManagerSt. Louis, MO07/09/2014
Healthcare Transformation Provider Operations Supply Chain ManagerSt. Louis, MO07/08/2014
Healthcare Transformation Provider Operations SCM Senior AssociateSt. Louis, MO07/07/2014
Cybersecurity and Privacy Identity Management ManagerSt. Louis, MO06/23/2014
Oracle HCM Cloud Functional Senior AssociateSt. Louis, MO06/23/2014
Oracle HCM Fusion Functional Core HR Benefits ManagerSt. Louis, MO06/23/2014
Healthcare Transformation PeopleSoft SCM Inventory Lead ManagerSt. Louis, MO02/10/2014
Healthcare Transformation PeopleSoft SCM Senior AssociateSt. Louis, MO08/07/2013
Infor Lawson Healthcare SCM Managing ConsultantSt. Louis, MO04/12/2013
Infor Lawson Healthcare SCM Senior Associate ConsultantSt. Louis, MO04/12/2013